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Hi. Got some questions? Like to run a simulation with your organisation? Want to bring your data to life and make it accessible to policy makers?

A simulation will always be tailored to your needs. It works best when integrated into the academic curriculum, or in-house training.  The more it moves outside my frame of reference, the more input I will need from you, for example on your internal processes, or technical areas that I am not familiar with.

For data visualisations, I work with Tableau, the market leading product. This software is designed to work over the internet, so this work can often be done remotely, without the expense of bringing a consultant to the project site. Data can be published for free on Tableau Public, so this can also be a very cost effective way of using the software. There are also options for distributing visualisations where there is no internet access.

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Note: ‘Eoghan‘ is an Irish name pronounced the same as ‘Owen’