Course Dates

Hill of beans

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  • Week 1: Orientation and introduction to your character and the simulation environment. One-to-one briefing with the moderator.
  • Week 2: Start of Simulation clock. First Steering Committee meeting
  • Week 3: Going to the Field
  • Week 4: Progress check. Second Steering Committee meeting
  • Week 5: Project finalisation
  • Week 6: Final Steering Committee meeting. Group debriefing and reflection, followed by one-to-one debriefing with the moderator.

At any time during the course you can request a one-to-one video conference with the moderator, if you need calcification on course mechanics, technical aspects of the material, or if you are struggling to fill your role or carry out your duties.

Each participant will also have three lifelines:

  1. ask a local,
  2. ask and expert or
  3. appeal to a higher power.

This is an open course and anyone is welcome to join.

I very much welcome individuals from different development agencies joining, and typically you will be assigned a role similar to your real life role.

This is very well suited to mid-career professionals who are planning a switch to a career in international development.

If your organisation does not have enough people to ‘populate’ a full course, I very much welcome a few people from the same NGO or development agency or consultancy joining.

Most interaction will be via email and Facebook, and the steering committee meeting will be via a Skype conference call (so you need a decent internet connection).

There is a 50% discount for students of International Development (or related disciplines) and NGO staff.

A minimum of 6 participants required for the course to run. The maximum number of participants is 12 (though if there are a couple of participants form one organisation, I may assign them roles as ‘colleagues’ in one of the simulation organisations).

See Pricing page for details of course fees.

To register, or for further information, visit the contact page.