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The Classic model — based on delivery of water systems in inaccessible rural areas. The project is funded by several donors, through a multi-donor trust fund. Lead implementation is by a UN agency, using government systems and local and international NGOs and/or private sector for service delivery.

The Customised model. This can be technically specific, organisation specific, or scenario specific :

  • Technically specific
    • Sector focus e.g. Health, infrastructure, inclusive growth, etc.
    • Participatory methods
    • Establishing a functional sector working group
    • Aid architecture/aid effectiveness principles
    • Post conflict or crisis situations
  • Organisation specific — following your in-house rules and procedures
    • Project design and documentation
    • Budgeting
    • Country Strategy Development
    • Budget support operations. General or sector budget support, simulating the definition and/or implementation phases
  • Scenario specific — not a main focus of the simulation, but things that will crop up along the way that participants have to deal with
    • Fraud/misappropriation of funds
    • Staff accident or health crisis
    • Responding to a natural disaster/security crisis
    • Sudden unwanted media attention and/or scrutiny from main funder
    • Implementing budget cuts
    • Recruiting field staff


Time Frame. Six weeks with a few hours a week commitment is ideal. It can be compressed into one week. A format with a minimum of five sessions is recommended.

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